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Controls and Game Rules:

WASD to Move, Mouse to Aim and Shoot

Each borg kill is +10 pts, moving through a door gives you +100 pts, if you get hit you start over. See how many points you can get! My personal record is 600pts. 

Game is a bit rushed and unpolished because the A* ai was giving me problems but I'm going to improve the game in the future and give it a lot of features I had to leave out.

You're a Cyber Bear in a Cyber World, a CyBear. 

An army of faceless Borgs from the Borgco Corporation have taken over the world which is why you're here at the belly of the beast. 

Borgco Corporation World Headquarters...  

And things are about to go BEARzerk up in here!

This is an iso-shooter inspired by the 1980's Arcade Classic Berzerk! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jl-k3ay1gIw


Code, Concept, Design by: QTBearDev

Music by: Ryuno https://soundcloud.com/ryunocore 

Borg Voices by: TotalBaker

SS13 Sprites borrowed under GPL3 from the /vg/fork of Space Station 13